Can Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening Improve Your Appearance?

Teeth Whitening Tavares, FL

Considering improving your smile with teeth whitening? This procedure is very popular as it is simple, effective, and does not induce discomfort. Among the existing dental improvement procedures, in-office teeth whitening is the easiest way to enhance your appearance and brighten the smile. Continue reading to find out more. 

In-office teeth whitening from a dentist

Below is a quick overview of how in-office teeth whitening from a dentist can improve your appearance. This information may be helpful to individuals who are considering the procedure.

The procedure

A professional in-office teeth whitening procedure is done in just a few steps and it usually does not take more than an hour. Outlined below is each step. 

  1. The teeth are cleaned and prepped by the dentist
  2. Suction is applied to dry the teeth and oral cavity. This step is necessary in order for the whitening solution to be effective
  3. The lips are propped open so that they do not touch the teeth
  4. Next, the whitening solution is carefully applied to each tooth, ensuring full coverage
  5. It is then necessary for the patient to carefully sit still while the solution soaks in
  6. To finish, the dentist will clean the solution off and use UV light to cure it. Curing is necessary for the results to last 

How teeth whitening improves appearance

Professional in-office teeth whitening works to lift stains off of the enamel in a quick procedure that does not extend past an hour or so. These stains are typically built-up over the course of a person's life, which makes them difficult to remove with normal at-home oral hygiene. 

In most cases, the appearance of the teeth can be improved in just one whitening procedure. The strength of the whitening solution helps to attack the stains and lift them quickly. The peroxide then brightens the shade of the teeth, which is then set in place by the UV light. 

After a teeth whitening procedure is complete, the patient can maintain their improved appearance by brushing after every meal and avoiding foods or beverages that may be heavily dyed. 

Other things to know

While at-home and store-bought whitening products may have some effect on the teeth, they do not work as well as in-office treatments that are performed by a dentist. The solutions that dentists have access to are much stronger and contain a higher amount of peroxide, the main ingredient that lifts stains off of the teeth. Additionally, having a dentist perform a teeth whitening treatment is a lot safer than the products sold at the store. 

Get started with teeth whitening

When wanting to improve the appearance of your smile, it is advised to consult with a dentist directly. The dentist can perform an evaluation to determine whether or not teeth whitening is a viable treatment option. Additionally, any questions or concerns about in-office teeth whitening can be appropriately addressed. Reach out today to get scheduled for an appointment or to find out more.

Request an appointment here: or call LifeTime Dental at (352) 414-2061 for an appointment in our Tavares office. 

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