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Wondering how to get rid of harmful bacteria living in your mouth? Saliva testing is ideal when it comes to understanding just how much harmful bacteria is in your mouth. While it is normal to have certain amounts of bacteria, when there is too much, the beneficial bacteria are simply outnumbered. This means beneficial bacteria are no longer able to keep harmful substances at bay, which greatly increases one's chance of being diagnosed with a number of dental issues, like gingivitis, cavities and periodontal disease. According to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, there are more than 700 different types of bacteria in the human mouth.

Common reasons for harmful bacteria

Two of the more common reasons why someone would have too much harmful bacteria in their mouth is because there is either tooth decay or gum disease present. These two common dental issues are responsible for introducing different types of bacteria in the mouth, with streptococcus mucous, treponema denticola and porphyromonas gingivilas being three of the more detrimental. It is important to understand that harmful bacteria not only negatively affects the overall health of one’s mouth, it will also negatively affect one’s overall body health.

Saliva testing

Testing saliva is a great way for anyone to find out the type as well as the number of harmful bacteria in their mouth. The results will allow dental professionals to understand the current health of one’s mouth and create a treatment plan that is specifically made for them. The goal of the treatment plan is to improve one’s periodontal health as well as their overall general health.

Fighting harmful bacteria

A large part of the treatment plan will focus on how to get rid of the large amounts of harmful bacteria in the mouth. This is done by creating a specialized bacterial rinse that is only able to kill the harmful mouth bacteria, leaving the beneficial bacteria alone so they can continue to do their job. This individualized bacterial rinse helps to restore the necessary and natural balance of healthy microorganisms in the mouth, which does not affect gut health.

The bacterial rinse will need to be used daily in order to keep the mouth in balance. It will simply depend on each person’s particular situation when it comes to how long they will need to use the bacterial rinse. It is possible for changes in one’s lifestyle to counteract the effectiveness of the rinse. This means that it is possible for the harmful bacteria in their mouth to once again take over the beneficial bacteria if they happen to experience various levels of stress, are diagnosed with some type of illness or if they are choosing not to consume foods that are nutritious.

Ready to have your saliva tested?

We offer saliva testing through OraVital because they are the only company that offers whole mouth testing. It is essential to test saliva in all parts of the mouth: above the gums, under the gums, on the tongue and in the throat to receive a true and accurate analysis. The fact that harmful bacteria in the mouth can also lead to negative health issues like heart disease, stroke and diabetes makes it highly recommended for anyone who is experiencing dental problems to make an appointment to have saliva testing as soon as possible.

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