How Dental Implants can Anchor Dentures

If your dentures slip at the worst times, dental implants can help. Dentures can come out of place during regular activities such as laughing, eating and talking. Dental implants provide a solution to secure dentures in place. Implants provide confidence as well as a strong, secure bite.

How dental implants can help

Unsecured conventional dentures do not always stay in place. This movement makes them uncomfortable and inconvenient. Some people may decide to simply not wear them as a result.

Anchoring dentures through the use of dental implants can change this.

Dentures rest on the gums, and an adhesive holds them in place.

Anchored dentures are secured into dental implants that have been surgically implanted into the jaw. Special attachments are placed on the denture that allow them to snap into place on the implants.

The result?

Slipping and sliding is no longer an issue. Firmly secured directly to the jawbone, the dentures now provide a firm bite. You will find speaking, chewing and living your life to be easier with anchored dentures.

What are the benefits?

  • Clearer speech
  • Stronger bite
  • More food choices
  • Improved health
  • The freedom to laugh
  • Increased comfort
  • No more sticky adhesives
  • Less gum tissue irritation

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a permanent solution. It is a metal post that fuses into the jaw. This creates a strong foundation that serves as an artificial tooth root.

The denture is then secured, or snapped, into place. The artificial metal root provides a strong base for dentures.

A dental implant procedure can take several months. The length of time will be dependent on the patient as the jawbone and gums heal between each step of the process.

Dental implants do not move once the surgeon attaches them to the jawbone. Anchored dentures look and feel like natural teeth.

However, if you are lacking bone in your jaw, then implants may not be the best choice. Your dentist can perform a bone graft to add more bone, but that is not a solution for every patient.

Caring for dental implants

Just as you would care for your natural teeth, dental implants and dentures require a good oral hygiene routine. Be sure to brush twice a day. Floss and use mouthwash daily.

Special picks and brushes are available to ensure a better clean. Maintain your regular dental cleanings and checkups and avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth.

Do your dentures bother you?

If you are tired of limiting what you can eat or worried that your teeth might fall out of place, then you may need new dentures.

Instead of dealing with adhesives and irritation, speak to your dentist securing your dentures with dental implants. In no time, you will find new confidence as you smile and speak without fear of your dentures falling out.

If you would like to learn more about anchoring your dentures with implants, please call our office.

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