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If you are one of the many people with misaligned teeth, you can get Invisalign® to straighten them within months. The results are often noticeable within the first few months, and the entire treatment duration takes an average of 12 months, followed by a period of wearing retainers to stop the teeth from moving out of alignment.

Invisalign treatment duration

Each patient has a unique dental makeup. Therefore, there is no definitive timeframe for the treatment. Some people whose teeth only require minor correction can complete the process in only six months, while some may need up to 18 months. Some of the factors that affect treatment duration among Invisalign users include:

Crowded teeth

If the jaw is small and does not have enough space to accommodate all the teeth, patients may suffer misaligned teeth due to overcrowding. It is possible to rectify certain cases of crowding in only a few months, although moderate cases may take between nine to 12 months. The more the level of crowding, the farther the distance the teeth will need to shift and the longer the treatment takes to complete. In severe cases of crowding, the dentist may suggest another treatment option like braces to realign the smile.

Space between teeth

Also called a diastema, gaps between the teeth can be caused by tissue overgrowth or relatively small teeth compared to the jawbone. As with crowding, it takes less time to close small gaps than large gaps. For minor to moderate gaps, the treatment can take up to 18 months, depending on how fast the teeth adjust. Sometimes, the jaw may be too large for the teeth, and closing the gap completely may be difficult. In such cases, the dentist may suggest additional procedures like veneers or bonding after Invisalign treatment.

Patient’s age

Invisalign works for both teenagers and adults, but the patient’s age can also affect the treatment duration. Since teenagers are growing, their teeth shift easily and quickly compared to adults. With that, some dentition moves quicker than others, regardless of age. However, adults may notice results faster than children, although this can be explained with better adherence to treatment. Patients are never too old for aligners to work.

Compliance rate

Even if only a minor orthodontic issue needs to be corrected, patients still need to wear their aligners according to the dentist’s instructions. Failure to wear the aligner trays consistently will extend the treatment time. For optimal results, the Invisalign trays need to be worn for about 22 hours daily. They are removable for cleaning or when eating or drinking. At every other time, the aligner trays should remain on the teeth. The aligners are not worn correctly, the treatment will not progress correctly, and the teeth may even return to their previous points.

Final note

Invisalign treatment is effective and has been used by many for correcting dental alignment. The dentist can usually see the teeth’ movement from the beginning and predict how the teeth will move and how long it will take. Each situation is different, so be sure to ask your dentist about your specific case.

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