How Often Do You Need a Cleaning From a General Dentist?

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A dental cleaning from a general dentist is important for good oral health. Dental cleaning should be a part of your dental checkup, which ideally should occur at least twice every year. Even if you practice good oral hygiene at home, you still need to visit a dental professional for a more thorough cleaning. When the teeth and gums are in bad shape, your overall health is also affected.

The frequency of dental cleaning appointments

Since every patient is unique, there is no specific rule regarding how often to visit the dentist for a dental cleaning. Some patients are more susceptible to oral health issues and therefore need more regular dental appointments. Some people hardly deal with dental issues, meaning they will probably need cleaning from the general dentist less frequently.

The general guideline is that patients should book an appointment for a professional tooth cleaning biannually. Although it is enough for most people, some will require cleaning every three months, while some will only require a cleaning visit every nine to 12 months. This comes from the professional assessment of dental experts.

Every patient can benefit from routine cleaning now and then. The cleaning appointment is necessary, regardless of the health and condition of the teeth and gums, plaque or tartar accumulation or good oral hygiene practices. Everyone needs to visit the dentist every six months.

The importance of the cleaning appointment

A dental cleaning eliminates plaque-causing bacteria, but they soon start to recolonize the mouth in about a day or two. Even with excellent oral care, it is hard to prevent the formation of plaque in some areas. The longer it remains, the more it hardens into tartar, which cannot be cleaned through normal brushing. Only the dental tools and skills of the dental professional can get rid of tartar. With regular cleaning, there is less chance of heavy tartar or plaque buildup.

Visiting the general dentist allows them to detect any budding sign of oral issues beyond the usual plaque buildup. During the cleaning appointment, the dental profession can easily spot signs of oral cancer, decay, gum recession and even medical issues like anemia. There have been studies linking gum disease to cardiovascular disease, which means early detection can reduce the risk of health complications like stroke or a heart attack.

Before the next cleaning

Every patient needs to practice good oral care routines to ensure good oral health. Dental professionals recommend brushing the teeth thoroughly with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste at least two times daily. Flossing is also important to clean those hard-to-reach areas (between the teeth) where plaque can accumulate and cause decay. Using a good mouthwash can help lower bacteria count in the mouth and keep the breath fresh.

Final note

If you have not undergone a cleaning from the general dentist in over a year, then you should book an appointment as soon as you can to optimize your oral health. It is never too late to get back on track. Contact the dental office today.

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