Recommended Methods to Help Quickly Adjust to Dentures

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Dentures almost always need an adjustment period on the part of their wearer. You will need to settle into your dentures, be they your very first set or replacements for a previous set.

First-time users of dentures will need 30 days (give or take) to get the hang of their new prosthetics. People getting replacement dentures can take as little as a week to adjust. A few clever hacks can help first-time users to ease into their dentures with as few hiccups as possible.

Adjusting to dentures: A timeline

People that are new to dentures usually experience soreness in the gums, mouth, and facial muscles. Most will have a hard time with speech and chewing. A breakdown of the adjustment period lets the reader get an idea of the learning curve that is ahead of them.

  • Day one will be awkward, and dentures will feel like they are too big and too loose in the mouth. The wearer may have a hard time keeping them in place
  • The next fourteen days may bring ‘teething pains’ like soreness, dry mouth, or excessive saliva production. Speech and eating will come with their own challenges
  • Days 15 to 30 will see a person settle into their dentures. The person should experience less soreness, along with an improvement in their ability to speak and chew

Tooth extraction factors into the time it takes to adjust to dentures. Wearing dentures over gums that are sites of recent tooth extraction is a different experience than wearing dentures over healed gums. A dentist will advise their patient on when and how to wear dentures over healing gums. The next section offers useful pointers on how to get through the adjustment period with as little hassle as possible.

Ease into a new diet

The first few days of dentures should be as stress-free as possible. Prepare soft foods that require minimal chewing. Ice cream, pudding, mashed potatoes, and ground meat make for easy meals. They allow the wearer of new dentures to practice moving food around their mouth.

After a few days, the person can graduate to soft foods. They should cut their food into small portions that are easier to chew. These bite-sized pieces of food make for good chewing practice. A denture wearer can use their finely diced diet to ease into the full use of their dentures. It is worth noting that dentures can bend and break if their wearer chooses to bite down and chew on hard, sticky foods. Chewy steaks, nuts, and caramel fall into this category.

Easing into speech with dentures

Dentures change the layout of the mouth, affecting speech. This means that a person will need to learn how to pronounce words with a prosthetic in their mouth. Singing and reading out loud helps with this. Here is another clever hack: lightly bite the lip before pronouncing a word that is turning out to be a challenge.

Dealing with soreness

The gums could become sore as they rub against the base of the dentures. The cheeks and facial muscles may become sore as they work to keep the dentures in place. 

Rinsing the mouth with salt water twice or thrice a day will help with sore spots in the gums and inner mouth. Stretching exercises will ‘massage’ the soreness out of the cheeks and facial muscles. However, soreness that persists and/or worsens after a few days is cause for concern. See a dentist if this particular situation arises. 

Let us take care of all your oral health needs, including your dentures

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