Three Signs You Need Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency Dentist Tavares, FL

An emergency dentist might be exactly what you need if you find yourself dealing with a dental emergency. Serious dental injuries can occur at any time, and some of them require getting to a dentist immediately for the best outcome. This article will go over some of the signs that help you to determine if you need the services of an emergency dentist.

Determining when to see an emergency dentist

Not sure what signs to look for to tell you a trip to an emergency dentist is needed? Let us explore some of the clear signs a trip to an emergency dentist is in order:

1. Severe toothache

Toothaches are one of the ways our brains let us know something is wrong somewhere. Minor dental issues like cavities can cause pain, but it is typically mild and can be managed with over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers. However, some toothaches can be so severe, OTC medication has little effect on them. That is typically a sign urgent dental care is needed.

Such severe pain can be a symptom of a bigger issue like an infection, severely decayed tooth, or an abscess. The only way to bring an end to the patient’s ordeal is by performing treatments that address the root cause. Any dental issue that leaves a person in excruciating pain counts as a dental emergency.

2. Severe bleeding

It is perfectly normal for a person’s gums to bleed from time to time, but gums that bleed anytime they are touched might be infected with bacteria. It is a symptom of periodontal disease, a condition that can lead to bone and tissue structures in the mouth being destroyed.

The first stage of gum disease – gingivitis – can be reversed by performing appropriate treatments so detecting the condition is extremely important. The second stage – periodontitis – cannot be reversed. A dentist can only help to manage the patient’s condition and rebuild structures in the mouth that have been damaged. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to teeth falling out of their sockets, and it has also been linked to serious health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

3. Severely damaged tooth

A severely damaged tooth can also be a sign that you need urgent dental care. It comes down to how severe the damage is and if the tooth’s pulp chamber has been compromised. The pulp chamber is the inner sealed-off section of a tooth that contains soft tissues like nerves.

That part of a tooth being opened up allows bacteria and acids in the mouth to make contact with these soft tissues. As the result, the tooth is irritated causing pain and its risk of becoming infected goes up significantly.

Get urgent dental care now

Failing to get urgent care for dental emergencies can lead to serious complications down the road like an infection spreading to other parts of your body. Need urgent dental care? Give us a call or visit our Tavares clinic to get the fast treatment you need.

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