Tips for Choosing Between Popular Dental Veneer Options

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If you are displeased with the imperfections on your teeth and wish to make your smile more aesthetically appealing, dental veneers are options to consider. The materials used for veneers are tooth-colored and can hide flaws on the teeth. The procedure is permanent, so it is advisable that a patient proceeds with as much information as possible so they can make guided decisions.

Choosing between popular dental veneer options

With the recent advancements in dentistry, patients can now choose between different veneer options. These include the following.

Composite dental veneers

Composite veneers are affordable and quicker options for improving the smile in only one dental appointment. The veneers are bonded to the teeth and sculpted from tooth-colored resin for a natural appearance.

Choosing composite veneers has its benefits and drawbacks. They do not cause any permanent alteration to the underlying teeth becausethey are made by forming resin. This means the veneers can be removed or replaced in the future. The dentist may recommend this when patients are indecisive about a lifelong commitment to dental veneers.

On the other hand, this minimally invasive veneer option is not as resilient or durable as a porcelain veneer. Composite veneers tend to stain easily from exposure to teeth-staining items, like coffee, red wine, and berries. Patients who want an option that lasts longer and stains less easily can opt for porcelain veneers instead. However, for an option that can be completed in only one dental appointment, the composite veneer is a good choice.

Porcelain veneers

These veneers are made from porcelain or ceramic material and are customizable to match the rest of the teeth. The translucent property of porcelain gives it the look and feel of natural teeth.

Porcelain material is highly durable and more resistant to chipping and staining compared to composite veneers. With proper care and maintenance, they can last between 15 to 20 years.

Getting porcelain veneers takes two dental appointments. At the first visit, the dentist will prepare the teeth by removing a thin enamel layer to create room for the veneers and ensure a rough surface for a strong bond during application. They will take impressions of the teeth, which will serve as the guide when creating the custom veneers. Patients can work with their dentist to select their preferred color shade for a natural smile.

At the second visit, after the veneers are ready, the dentist will prepare the veneers for placement. This process involves etching, rinsing, and placing the veneers on each tooth using a strong adhesive material. Since the veneers are custom-made, they will fit correctly over the teeth.

In conclusion

Regardless of the option that you choose, as long as you care for your dental veneers properly, you can expect them to last for at least a decade. If you want to transform your smile with this procedure, the dentist will need to review the options with you and recommend the best one. Veneers remain simple yet efficient ways to boost your smile's cosmetic appeal.

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