Before And After Dental Results



At first I was skeptical about getting the porcelain veneers – the cost as well as any pain. You see, I’m a “baby” when it comes to have work done on my teeth.

However, I was pleasantly surprised at how professional you and your staff handled everything. You made sure I was comfortable and not in any pain at all times you and your assistant, Terry, had worked on my How gratifying! The patient definitely comes first.

The results were amazing! When I looked in the mirror the first time, I couldn’t believe it was me. Before the procedure, I didn’t smile much or open my mouth. Now, I smile a lot and don’t have a problem looking people straight in the eye. It definitely has given me more confidence in myself and more receptive to talking to people.

The first time people saw me after I had my teeth fixed, the remarks were from you look “great”, what did you do? Or, what did you do with yourself, you sure look different. They couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was done, even my family when the saw me for the first time at the holidays.

Why I waited as long as I did to have this procedure done, I’ll never know! But I definitely am “happy” I had it done. And my husband is “proud” of the new me. I’m now the girl with the “million dollar smile”.

Many thanks to you and your staff for making me feel good about me and seeing that I was comfortable at all times. That helped tremendously! To anyone considering have the porcelain veneers, I’d say ‘GO FOR IT!”.

To you and you staff, especially Terry, KUDO’S to all for making me feel terrific!!

Diana B.


Dear Dr. Reinertsen and Staff,

There are truly no words to express my sincere gratitude to you all for giving me a new beginning. It has been said by some that when you hit the big 50 that life is on the downside, but you have given me such a lift that that no longer is true for me!

Let me begin by first expressing a heartfelt apology to you all. You see I doubted your word. When I first saw all the lumineer information in your office, I was intrigued and thought wow they are amazing before and after photos. They look beautiful….I wonder. When I asked about it, I thought, “Oh yeah, there is no pain because it isn’t his mouth, and my teeth won’t really look that good. You know the old saying NO Pain No Gain, that is what I believe, he is lying, they are all lying…” I have always had extreme pain and dreaded going to the dentist before, so I thought you all would be no different. Well, I am not embarrassed to admit I was wrong… Dead wrong!!!!! I have had outrageous gain and NO pain!! Yes my husband experienced minimal pain in his pocketbook but even he will admit it was well worth the dollars it cost. Not only do I now care for my teeth better than I ever did before, I smile all the time! I have a new found confidence that I didn’t have before. I hold my head up high and open wide for there are no longer any hands covering this wonderful smile. I feel younger and I have to admit that many of my friends have told me I look it too.

My mother and father for years were encouraging me to do something with my teeth. They wanted to fix what childhood medicine had done to my teeth along with minor mishaps and poor care. Again that fear kept me from doing it until now…. You surely made it easy for me to say yes do it. Giving up a Saturday so I wouldn’t miss any of my work, I truly appreciate. Not many doctors who work as hard as you do would do that, but it is obvious you do care about each one of your patients. You want to do what will make them eventually happy even if they can’t really imagine it as reality.

Sadly, my mother passed away two years ago so she physically never saw me now which is my only regret I did not do it sooner. Never put off what you can do today for tomorrow, for you can never tell what tomorrow will bring. Live life to its fullest now!!!

Thank you all for allowing me to now do that! You are an extremely wonderful group of people and have helped to make my life so wonderful. I look forward to spending many years smiling proudly with you all!

Thank you again,
Sharon G.


I just wanted to take a few minutes to express to you my sincere gratitude for the changes that you have made in my life. It has been over three years now since I came to you and decided to go ahead and have those old, ground-down teeth of mine replaced with the pearly white veneers. As you know, I was a little bit skeptical at first but now that the procedure has been done, I only wish that I would have had it done a lot sooner. I have never been a bashful person but at the same time I was always conscience about my teeth when I would “attempt” to smile. I say attempt because I would constantly “smile” with sealed lips or I would try to find the darkest spot in a room to be introduced to strangers. In my business world my employees thought that I was always stressed-out because I would never smile. It is truly amazing how a nice set of teeth can change your attitude, your demeanor and most importantly your personal self-confidence. It is amazing as well, how differently people react to you when you greet them with a big smile on your face. It just says to them, “I’m glad to see you.” That first impression is priceless and the confidence you show translates over to the sense of trust in you, and they in turn are more apt to smile back. That is all made possible because of a positive first impression.

My new and improved smile has definitely boosted my personal self-image. I have all the confidence in the world when I am in front of a camera or when I speak to people, regardless of the size of the crowd. My friends even joke with me and tell me that “I have never met a camera that I didn’t like.” My life literally changed because of a smile. It sounds so simple and guess what; it is! They don’t resist frozen Twinkies and ice cream, but I suppose I can’t hold you responsible for everything! I have gone from hiding a smile to showing it off. Thanks so much for everything that you have done for me. It was painless and most importantly, as a patient, it was simple! I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone that wants to look better and feel better about who they are.

Thanks Doc,
Greg Y.

All my life I’ve hated my smile and was always embarrassed to have my picture taken. After extensive research thru the internet I finally decided to give Lumineers a try. I contacted Dr. Reinertsen’s office and was on my way to a beautiful smile. Not only was everyone on staff very knowledgeable but from the moment I walked in the office I felt right at ease. I explained to them I was starting a new job the following week and to my surprise they went out of their way to schedule an appointment for me to come in on Saturday to have temporary ones put in. They truly cared about my feelings and my self-esteem and for this I am forever grateful. They treated me not like a patient but like family and I would recommend their office to anyone considering this procedure. I only wish they were closer to my city but it’s definitely worth the hour drive.

Carolyn A.


I originally met Dr. Reinertsen as a business client, I called on him one afternoon, and while waiting in the lobby I began to breeze through the testimonial books on display. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I recently relocated from Tampa about a year ago and needed a new Dentist. Upon discussing our business I made an appointment for a consultation to discuss options. I had a very good Dentist in Tampa and was reluctant to start new. However, I am so glad I did.

Dr. Reinertsen immediately put me at ease with the transition and gave me several ideas that could be accomplished. My teeth always had spaces between them and I suffered from TMJ which would keep my jaw out of alignment and caused intense neck and should pain at times.

Based on our discussions I opted to have the complete set of Veneers applied to both upper and lower teeth. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. The entire process was relatively pain free (you will need Tylenol). I am so pleased with my teeth and the placement of my jaw which was surgical free.

During this process I talked with Dr. Reinertsen I learned that most of his family is in some type of the medical field. I suspected his family must be very wealthy and had provided for his educations…no so. He and the other family members received student loans for their educations. During one part of his tenure he lived in a single wide trailer on Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. “He said, Carol it’s not about the money, the funds are there for anyone to have a education it’s about the commitment”.

I can honestly say that commitment reflects throughout his office, staff, and skills!

Carol D.


My teeth were yellowing and separating. The gaps between my teeth, upper and lower and I wanted to make them white again. I was a Fireman as well as a business man. It was time to spend some of the money that I had saved on me. Who says you can not take it with you. My teeth are going with me. My new smile gives me more confidence in meeting people. I walk around with a big smile on my face all the time now.

If you are not happy with your smile change it. As far as the cost goes, just drive you old car another year or so and spend the money on yourself. You will have your teeth the rest of your life.

Tavares Dental Excellence is the best dentist office I have been in in the past 30-40 years. Dr. Reinertsen is the most precise and compassionate Dentist I have ever been to. His staff and office staff is the best.

Earl G.


I’m very happy with my “Lumineers”. It has made a profound effect in the appearance and functionality of my teeth. I am no longer self conscious of my smile and I have gotten lots of compliments on the appearance of my teeth I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is feeling self conscious about their teeth.

Jim S.


I must say, as we age, our teeth unfortunately are one of the first things that show our age… I wanted my crooked laterals straight and even. I wanted perfection and a beautiful white smile because I love to smile and make others smile…to share a smile with someone is one of the best things I feel I can do, and if your smile is beautiful, you will want to show off your pearly whites, too. It will bring your confidence level up, and like me, feel wonderful about yourself. Go for it….truly the best money you have ever spent.

Dolores B.

As like most people, I waited and waited to get an appointment for a teeth cleaning. I finally decided after many years to do it!

Upon arriving at your office, I was greeted by so many pleasant people. As I was waiting, I watched some pictures on “Lumineers”. I decided to ask about them, and decided to do it! My teeth were yellowed and showed signs of aging, such as, unevenness in the front.

The procedures were done in three visits, were quite tolerable, and in no time-I have a beautiful smile, which give me so much more confidence. Thank you all for your good work.

Connie S.

My whole entire life I’ve hated my teeth. They were so uneven, discolored, rounded, and yellow. I’ve always wanted a beautiful magazine like smile. After tons of Lumineer commercials, I finally went in for a free consultation, there they told me I could have the smile of my dreams with some financing help with CareCredit. In about 3-4 years, I’ll have my teeth paid off…that’s a lot of money! But the confidence I have with my new beautiful smile will last a long, long time. It’s like a MasterCard commercial….at the end all that needs to be said is “priceless”!

Sincerely with thanks,
Josee G.



I have found dental implants to be a wonderful addition to my life!

After many, many years of dental work and procedures, and many hours spent in dentists’ chairs, I had lower dental implants put in approximately two years ago. The implant procedure itself was less painful than countless other dental procedures I’ve had. And I only had Novacaine!

Wearing my “new” teeth which are attached to a metal bar (than is attached to the implanted posts) has also been a pleasure. There is no rubbing on my gums. No sore spots either! And no slippage!

Dr. Reinertsen had a removable prosthesis made for me; it is very easy to clean. And most foods are easy to eat, including steak and nuts. The pressure from chewing foods goes to the teeth (and the implants in the jaw). Therefore, the pressure is NOT on the gums.

I highly recommend dental implants if they are appropriate for you.

Marilyn P.

Dear Dr. Reinertsen,

I would like to convey to you and your future patients my experience with my recent tooth implant. I feel the time involved with the procedure was well spent. I will no longer have to deal with a bridge. Additionally, the teeth on either side of the site will not be affected.

As far as pain or discomfort from the actual procedure, I had none. Of course you have some discomfort when the novocaine is administered, but anyone that has had dental procedures is aware of this. During all the procedures I had a local anesthetic and I feel it was no different than having a tooth filled.

Would I do it again? Yes I would… As I stated before, it is much nicer not having to deal with a bridge and it feels and looks like the real thing.

See you at my next check up.

William P.



Dear Dr. Reinertsen,

I did not like my smile at all. When I was younger I had a wonderful smile. My friends sometimes called me smiley. When I was in my early 20’s I had a wisdom tooth out and after that my teeth shifted and my front tooth thought it was in a race to see if it could get ahead of the rest. One day my young son noticed my tooth and he tried his best to push it back. You have to admire the honesty of children. Well, I never forgot that day. Now the kiddos are out of college and on their own now. I heard about invisible braces and was curious. I couldn’t picture myself in wire braces. My neighbor told us of Dr. Reinertsen and his new Invisaligns. So we just moved in and gave him a try so now we have a nice new dentist and I have a new smile.

Margaret B.